Maker Submissions

Want to show us your work?
Please, please, please don’t bring it into the boutique. We don’t have the space and I like to give all of my attention to customers, so do not have the time to properly look at your work. If you send me some information (see below) then you’ll be in my good books. Promise.

First read our ‘spec’ and if you’re still excited then follow the instructions!!

Here goes…
For us to consider your work you have to…
- want to make a career out of your work (no hobbies please)
- have researched commercial galleries and understand sale or return and trade/wholesale pricing
- have formal training in your specialism (preferably a degree)
- have VISITED or read up on Yellowstone Art Boutique (and love it)

We only work with artists who make work as a CAREER. So no hobbies please. We also strive to work with artists who are trained in their craft, so we prefer those with some sort of formal training in their field. Please note this DOES NOT mean there is an age limit, people can train at any age!

(Please note we do not sell clothing)

If you fit the bill then please send us
-an introduction to you and what you are about
- a link to your website and/or at least 5 good quality images of the work you want to show us
- your wholesale and retail (RRP) prices (a wholesale catalogue would be perfect)

to me (Hannah) on
Looking forward to seeing your beautiful work!