Lemon Shea Soap Bar

Lemon Shea Soap Bar

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Lemon shea fresh and zesty from the lemon essential oil. With fresh carrot juice for a vitamin A hit along with all the butters, shea butter and cocoa butter

Handcrafted natural soap bars. Made the old fashioned slow cure method. hand crafted in Soakk's Bodmin Moor studio. Each bar takes 6 weeks to slowly cure and mellow.

Super moisturising with natural plant glycerine & plant oils keeping hands and body hydrated and healthy. No dyes No preservatives No plastic & No palm oil.

Our Ingredients

  • Rice bran oil - from the outer layer of rice making it very high in vitamin E
  • coconut oil - good for moisturising and antimicrobial
  • shea butter - anti-inflammatory and high in vitamin A & E)
  • olive oil (high in antioxidants & moisturising)
  • castor oil (good moisturizer & cleanser)
  • essential oils and clay

Bar size approx 8cm x 6cm x 2cm 95 gram


approx 95g