Soap on a Rope
Soap on a Rope
Soap on a Rope
Soap on a Rope

Soap on a Rope

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Chunky soap on a rope last ages. Say bye bye to the plastic bottles in your shower.
Made with Soakk's super creamy base of plant oils which leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated
Only scented with natural essential oils never with artificial perfume oils.

All natural colours from clays or plants no micas or chemical dyes.

Approx 185 grams 8cm x 6cm x 4cm


Rice bran oil - made from the husk of rice  its naturally high in vitamin E, Japanese women have used this oil for years as the vitamin e is fantastic for elasticity and creaminess

shea butter - highly moisturising and full of natural antioxidants

olive oil - high in oleic acid and natural anti oxidants

organic coconut oil - helps reduce inflammation and keeps skin moisturised

Raw cocoa butter - helps create a creamy bar of soap and yep its the same stuff thats in your chocolate bar (real chocolate) full of natural antioxidants

Castor oil - From the castor bean this oil is antibacterial and a good hydrator and cleanser

Plus essential oils clays and herbs